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Improve Your Mental Focus and
Self Confidence While Learning Traditional Chinese Martial Arts With Tai Chi


Whether it’s getting back into shape, gaining confidence or improving your health, Tai Chi is just perfect for you to start with.

You get a complete package, but be prepared to put in efforts to get good martial effectiveness from it.

Its simplicity of the forms and ease in movement provide a great effect on our health.

SPECIAL OFFER: 3 Wing Chun or Tai Chi Lessons + a FREE T-Shirt for only $19! (Valued at $75)


Tai chi forms are comprised of slow fluid movements intermingled with moments of explosive energy generated by the whole body. By being relaxed you can sense and neutralize your opponent’s attack and lead him to a compromised position. It is from this position that whole body force is employed in a strike, break or throw.

Whether you’re looking for martial arts skill or health and well being, Tai Chi encompasses all these things and has something to offer to anyone willing to train.

Learning Tai Chi has the following good effects on you:

Immortal Palm Cleveland Tai Chi Gym
Immortal Palm Cleveland Tai Chi Pair
  • Gain confidence and increased energy
  • It will help promote balance and build up core and muscle strength
  • It will help reduce pain in your back, neck, and shoulders
  • Helps increase sensitivity especially when you perform Chi Sao
  • You will be able to manage stress really well
  • It will give you an extremely settled mind and body
  • It will align your body better, and in a way that is functionally stronger and makes it easier to relax during Wing Chun session
  • Harness your inner energy (Qi) and uses this to deliver powerful blows almost effortlessly

SPECIAL OFFER: 3 Wing Chun or Tai Chi Lessons + a FREE T-Shirt for only $19! (Valued at $75)


What Our Wing Chun and Tai Chi Students Are Saying


I want to thank you for the best couple years. I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone quite like you. It’s hard to put into words the effect you’ve had on me, but I know for the rest of my life when a problem arises I’ll ask myself, “What would Sifu do?, How would Carl handle this situation?” etc… I’ve seen the way you deal with people and how you handle different situations and this too has been inspirational, not to mention your skill level, which to me borders on magic.



Thank you for letting me come up to the Cleveland classes, and for bringing Ken up so I have a chance to meet him. you have been a great help to me. Thank you.



Your powerful drive takes you down any path you choose. You offer a high standard for us to follow.

Your honesty scared me at first; how rare to meet someone who is exactly who they seem to be. Because of you, I know how hard the future will be, and I trust your belief in me.

Your kindness embraces your generosity and patience. These qualities bridged the gap between us. They help me be gentler to myself and fill me with joy when I’m with you.

Thank you for sharing yourself with me. I’m honored with your company and sometimes overwhelmed with your intensity. I look forward to learning from you over the years.



Just wanted to say thank you for making time to work out with me today.

I don’t know if you have any idea how much stronger I’ve become over the last year. The way you’ve challenged me has forced me to start thinking.. and I know I have a long way to go.. but I’m finally starting to trust my mind.. I owe you a huge debt for that.

I know I’m just beginning, but I look forward to every challenge now.. because I know I’m capable of overcoming them. Thank you for encouraging that.



I started training at Immortal Palm to further my knowledge of the martial arts which I had first trained when at university. In 2004 I found time to return to that exploration, hit the internet search and found Immortal Palm. I called then visited and while talking to the coach or instructor I noticed the members doing a standing routine and I said I could do that. Carl said to sign here and jump in. That was the hard part. The actual training, while demanding my full attention, was physically doable with side effects that went away after a few weeks and were all but gone after a few months.

The other hard part was eight AM Saturday. Eventually it became training for fitness and strength and because of that better confidence in my body even years after fifty. From a functional view the training forms or routines we do alert the body to options of motion and attitude by moving the movable parts of us to all their possibilities and strengths and limits. Learning the best ways to move to apply strength and co-ordination doing normal daily activities and recreational ones too, prevents injury and falls. This is true knowledge.


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Phone: 440-230-6089

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What’s the schedule for Wing Chun classes?

What’s the schedule for Tai Chi classes?

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How much is the fee for Tai Chi on a monthly basis?

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