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Tai Chi

Whether it’s getting back into shape, gaining confidence or improving your health, Tai Chi is just perfect for you to start with.

You get a complete package, but be prepared to put in efforts to get good martial effectiveness from it.

Its simplicity of the forms and ease in movement provide a great effect on our health.

Tai chi forms are comprised of slow fluid movements intermingled with moments of explosive energy generated by the whole body. By being relaxed you can sense and neutralize your opponent’s attack and lead him to a compromised position. It is from this position that whole body force is employed in a strike, break or throw.

Whether you’re looking for martial arts skill or health and well being, Tai Chi encompasses all these things and has something to offer to anyone willing to train.

Learning Tai Chi has the following benefits for you:

  • Gain confidence and increased energy
  • It will help promote balance and build up core and muscle strength
  • It will help reduce pain in your back, neck, and shoulders
  • Helps increase sensitivity especially when you perform Chi Sao
  • You will be able to manage stress really well
  • It will give you an extremely settled mind and body
  • It will align your body better, and in a way that is functionally stronger and makes it easier to relax during Wing Chun session
  • Harness your inner energy (Qi) and uses this to deliver powerful blows almost effortlessly